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It was a hot summer day! The teens were taking a break from their landscaping workshop. One teen was sitting in the corner of the room with her head hung down. The program’s volunteer went over and began talking with the teen. Soon the teen’s self-confidence was lifted. The teen rejoined the group feeling that although she had never done landscaping, she felt she could learn the skill. Volunteers are an important part of all our programs.


High school and college students are an integral part of WPHCA. Some serve as mentors of children in the fine arts project and others serve as mentors in our summer youth employment program. Each program includes opportunities for students to participate.  


Current and former educators provide our programs with valuable expertise. There are openings in the fine arts, visual and performing arts to teach using their skills. Educational field trips provide openings for those having expertise in a given field of study. Educators have a unique perspective, which when shared with youth help prepare them for their future. Our program participants have grown personally and professionally as they have interacted with educators through WPHCA.


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